Shadows Hills Women’s Golf Club


Members may choose to play from the silver or gold tees each week.  You do not have to declare a tee for the whole season.

The Silver tee flight(s) will vary depending on the number of silver tee players and the game being played that week.  A minimum of 4 silver tee players is required for a flight.

If there are not enough silver tee players to create a flight, silver tee players will be integrated into the gold tee flights and will compete for net only.  Handicaps will be adjusted accordingly.

Game Types:

ABCD - Silver tee players handicap may be adjusted. (gross and net awards)

Individual Games - Silver tee players will be flighted separately but may play in a mixed foursome.

Pick your own foursome - All members of the foursome will play from the same tee box.

Partners – Both partners will play from the same tee box.

Tournaments - Silver tee flights(s) will be included in the Princess and Club Championship events.  The overall winner of those tournaments will be determined from the gold tee flights.

The silver tee handicap will be based on the Silver Tee Slope/Handicap Table.

Members of the fall and spring teams must play from the gold tees.